Student says teacher attacked him in Newark

March 26, 2013 8:09:55 PM PDT
School administrators in New Jersey are taking action against a teacher, who apparently gave one student much more than a lesson, he gave him a beating.

That student is now speaking out.

"He's on the phone distraught, crying saying that the teacher attacked him," said Sean Parker, the victim's father.

Sean Parker took pictures of his son's scratches and bruises.

None of the injuries were serious, but when his son said it was a teacher who beat him up, it was cause for concern.

It started when a friend told 17-year-old Joshua that a teacher at Westside High had been asking inappropriate questions about him.

"Things about my personal life, like what do I do at home and things like that, like that sort," said Joshua Sanchez, student.

So Joshua approached the chemistry teacher, Shawn Mitchell, and they agreed to discuss the matter with another faculty member.

That's when it got heated.

"Then he grabbed me around my waist and kind of picked me up I guess you could say and then threw me against the metal cabinets, the filing cabinets," Sanchez said.

Apparently stunned, the other faculty member did not react, but another teacher heard all the noise and called security guards.

"He had me bent over and in a headlock I guess and they came in and pulled him off," Sanchez said.

"Clearly, I don't think this man should be teaching anymore. He should not be allowed to teach anywhere with any children period. Clearly he does need to be placed under arrest because he put his hands on a child," Parker said.

The teacher has been placed on administrative leave and Joshua's injuries are healing.

"He beat me up really good. I had bruises and my back had scratches and everything, his nails dug into my skin," Sanchez said.

The school has taken no action against Joshua.

"That says they know that I wasn't in the wrong, that he was the aggressor," Sanchez said.