Elevator in Queens building broken for months

March 27, 2013 8:26:39 PM PDT
Residents of a Queens apartment building are frustrated.

Many of them who are elderly are living without a working elevator.

It's been broken for nearly three months.

For those with serious medical conditions getting up and down the stairs is agonizing.

Karina Baez says getting home has turned into quite the hike.

Since the elevator in her Hollis building has been out of service for nearly three months, she's left with just two options.

Walk up six flights of stairs or take the rear elevator to the roof then back across to her Hillside Avenue building.

It's a trip she dreads doing with her 25 pound son Adrian and all the bags that go along with leaving home with a 9-month-old baby.

"We've complained about it and they don't do anything about it," Baez said.

Tenants say the building's super posted a sign back on January 7th saying it would take four to six weeks to repair the elevator.

Now going into week 12, they say their complaints are falling on deaf ears.

""They're saying that it's fixed but they can't turn it on until the city inspects the elevator," Baez said.

Eyewitness News couldn't reach anyone at the building's management office and our phone calls went unreturned.

A worker told Eyewitness News in Spanish that he was told the problem will be resolved next week.

He explained it was a major overhaul that had to be done.

Tenants say they've called 311 and hope to see a city inspector soon.

"It's really bad I'm really saddened by the situation," Baez said.