Kangaroo meat brings taste of Australia to Astoria

March 28, 2013 3:23:28 PM PDT
They're hopping all over Australia, but now kangaroos are popping up in our area: on a menu.

A restaurant in Queens is serving up meat from the marsupial.

The folks at the Thirsty Koala, Astoria's newest Australian inspired restaurant, hope New Yorkers will be adventurous enough to try kangaroo.

Katherine Fuchs is chef and co-owner and along with her Australian business partners came up with the idea of introducing customers to kangaroo, which is quickly becoming an alternative to things like beef and venison.

"It's high in protein, it's got omega 3 fatty acids, it has an antioxidant which is a fat burning oxidant," said Fuchs.

Katherine points out it's also packed with Vitamin B.

She gets the meat from a ranch in Queensland, Australia, and offers customers three options.

I'd say the sliders are a good way to ease into things.

There's a steak and then the burger.

Think of that as the king of all kangaroos, topped with housemade goat cheese, bacon and eggs.

Since opening in late December, the 'roo has been kickin'.

"I'd say two thirds of the hamburgers and sliders we now sell are kangaroo as opposed to beef," said Fuchs.

Right now the 'roo is just a special on the menu but things are going so well, Katherine is adding it to the main menu.