Flash Mob protesting Plan B placement at Duane Reade in New York City

March 28, 2013 1:24:54 PM PDT
In a flash mob at a Manhattan pharmacy Wednesday evening, protestors from the National Women's Liberation New York chapter pushed to put the morning after pill on the shelf.

Emergency contraception, also known as Plan B or Next Choice is currently behind the pharmacy counter and girls under 16 need a prescription.

"There's no reason we should have to ask a doctor or pharmacist for permission. We should be able to access it like we can aspirin or condoms," said Erin Mahoney.

Mahoney is a plaintiff in a lawsuit against the government.

"They're continuing to insist that there be an age limit on over the counter access," she adds.

In 2011, Health and Human Services stopped Plan B from being sold over the counter saying there isn't enough proof it's safe for girls as young as 11.

The biggest concern from critics or opponents has been if you make the morning after pill too easily available will that encourage unprotected sex

"The studies have not shown that to be - it does not cause youth to have more sex," said Dr. John Steever with Mount Sinai Adolescent Center.

Dr. Steever and his colleagues see thousands of teens a year at the Mount Sinai adolescent health center. He says emergency contraception should only be for emergencies, but access is important. The sooner you take it the better it works.