Idiosyncratic fashionistas show how to grow old with verve

April 1, 2013 5:01:08 PM PDT
They're determined to show the world that the concept of growing old gracefully is outdated. Instead, Jean and Valerie choose to, as they put it, grow old, with verve.

"We're not dead yet, we're not invisible and that's our message," Jean said.

"We have people who come us to us in our 20s who say I'm glad you did this blog because we were afraid of getting old and now we know we don't have to be afraid of that," Valerie said.

They are the Idiosyncratic Fashionistas, not afraid of embracing their gray hair.

Twice a week, Jean and Valerie post on their blog, where hundreds of fans hang on their every word as the ladies go to museum and gallery openings, fashion and Broadway shows.

But make no mistake, this striking pair is hoping women of a certain age are paying attention, well aware of how difficult growing old can be.

"I went through the change of life and I gained a little weight and I felt like the Michelin woman and it does affect your self image and all of that," Valerie said.

All of "this" is meant to counter that.

The ladies believe fashion should be effortless and that peer pressure to dress a certain way, well that should be a crime.

"Now that we have jobs and incomes and educations we don't have to feel like we're in this narrowly focused society," Valerie said.

Jean and Valerie are often photographed at events and admit they share an unspoken bond with ladies who aren't afraid of fashion.

"You just get that little smile, that little knowing smile, that little wink. You're members of the same club somehow," Jean said.

In other words, people who feel comfortable in their own skin.

"We're very militant about this is what getting older looks like, so get used to it," Jean said.

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