Best buys for April

7 On Your Side with Nina Pineda

Seven On Your Side
April 1, 2013 2:08:50 PM PDT
It may be April 1st, but we're not fooling with you. We're saving you big bucks on a lot of stuff.

If it's April, you know tax day is around the bend, but here's great news that could lead to an extra perk - so to speak.

Last year Starbucks gave away 100,000 free cups of joe to 100,000 customers on April 15th.'s Louis Ramirez is expecting more filing freebies.

"A lot of retail food chains like Friendly's and I-Hop are giving away free appetizers, free entree, or maybe 10 dollars off," he said.

After some free food, how about a deal on a TV? Louis says bigger is best.

"HDTVs specifically the largest ones 55 to 60 inch are at absolute lows right now," Ramirez said.

That's because retailers are making way for newer models. Same can be said for cameras - like the Canon EOS Rebel. The older model is basically the same, but a lot cheaper says Louis.

"If you're tight on the budget go for the older model," he said, adding that you could save a little over $300.

And April could mean Apple savings on the iPAD Mini - if rumors of a new Mini are true.

"The minute the new iPad Mini comes out you'll see 50 to 75 off the older mini," Ramirez said.

It may be more than a month till Mother's Day, but Louis says now's the time to shop for that special bauble.

"You'll actually see better deals now in April than in May when it'll be more than a deadline rush to get Mother's Day gifts out of the way," he said.

But he says no rushing is necessary, even when you see deep discounts. Louis says it's only mid-season on spring apparel. Wait a month and you'll see bigger bargains.

Same goes for spring cleaning items like vacuums and bigger items like mattresses. You'll find some of the best prices of the year end of next month.

"Memorial Day you'll see steeper discounts of about 50 percent off versus April you'll see about 30 to 40 percent," he said.

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