Rutgers students posting racy Twitter comments

April 2, 2013 1:41:10 PM PDT
Students at Rutgers University have been spelling out their crushes for all to see, on a racy Twitter page.

But now there is concern that these explicit posts have gone too far.

The page was created for Rutgers students and it promises to keep their posts anonyous.

Most students we spoke to at Rutgers feel the R.U. Crushes Twitter page was innocent enough at the start, with tweets like, "I think you're stunningly beautiful and would like to get to know you."

But most of what began to be posted is much more colorful like, "I live right above you but I would love to spend a night underneath you."

Many of the tweets are too sexually explicit for us to share.

"It kind of takes away from what I think it was originally intended to be, which was to be a fun way to interact with people," said student Arpan Garg.

It was not long ago that Rutgers was under a cloud surrounding the suicide of Tyler Clementi, whose personal intimacies were uploaded to a computer, by Dharun Ravi, for others to see.

"It definitely isn't a good thing for Rutgers to be experiencing another kind of, not scandal, but something not that positive, and especially if you don't want to be on the page. It's embarrassing," said student Bridget Murray.

But the students of today think of the tweets as a sign of the times.

Akhil Hegde was the object of a post on R.U. Crushes.

"The one directed toward me wasn't as offensive, but some of them are very offensive," he said.