Exclusive: Woman stabbed 28 times speaks out

April 2, 2013 3:04:23 PM PDT
Police are searching for a man who they say attacked and stabbed a woman 28 times.

The woman is sharing the frightening details of her ordeal for the first time.

It happened inside a stairwell at the Mott Haven Houses at 383 East 141st Street.

Police say it was a random attack.

The stabbing happened on March 15th and the victim just got out of the hospital.

She says she's telling her story because she wants her attacker caught before he strikes again.

"They said, '28 stabbings, most people would be dead,'" said Alyce, the victim.

Her name is Alyce.

Fearful for her safety, the 35-year-old asked us not to use her last name.

She'd just left a clinic when Eyewitness News interviewed her in the back of a friend's van.

She was too cold and weak to stand outside.

"I guess he stabbed me in my heart because they opened my heart for open heart surgery. They opened my stomach," Alyce said.

The stabbing happened inside building 1 at the Mott Haven Houses where Alyce was visiting a friend.

Surveillance cameras captured the image of the alleged attacker, who's said to be between 30 and 35, about 5'8, 150 pounds, and was last seen wearing a hooded sweatshirt, blue jeans and a Yankees cap.

Alyce says the man followed her inside the stairwell, and that's where he pulled out a rusty steak knife.

"He ran past me. Turned around out of nowhere and started stabbing me, stabbing me, stabbing me, and I fell back," Alyce said, "When he first started stabbing, I said if I don't fight back, he's not going to stop, so I bit him. I wouldn't let go of the bite, so he started hitting me in the back of the head with the knife, the wood and crack, I felt like I got knocked out."

Eventually, Alyce passed out and the man ran away, stealing only her ID.

Alyce says she's telling her story because she's hoping someone will recognize his picture.

"Suppose the cops never catch the person? Then they're out there and will hurt the next person," Alyce said.

Alyce says she's meeting with police later today to review the case.