Crime Victims Treatment Center in New York City

April 3, 2013 2:02:24 PM PDT
Empowering survivors of violence, the Crime Victims Treatment Center is open to anyone who's a victim of a violent crime or sexual assault.

They offer services at no charge and the door is open to anyone, but they're facing tough times and are asking for help.

"We played a game I guess you could say that's what it seemed to be was a game I was sexually abused by 2 of my cousins," said Antuan Raimone.

Broadway actor Antuan Raimone was about 7-years-old at the time.

"It was a very surreal experience one where just imagine your entire body goes numb," said Raimone.

It wasn't until recently that he could speak out, a friend told him about CVTC, the Crime Victims Treatment Center of St Luke's Roosevelt Hospital, the largest victim assistance program in the state.

"Our goal is to give people their lives back after they've been attacked," said Christopher Bramson with CVTC.

Volunteer coordinator Christopher Bramson says they offer counseling, support and legal services at no cost.

"The majority of our clients are survivors of rape, domestic violence, and childhood sexual abuse," he said.

The center was the first in New York City to address the problem of male sexual assault.

And people often think it doesn't happen to men. There aren't exact numbers but it's estimated that about 5 to 10% of all sexual assaults in the United States involve a male victim.

Christopher says they see about thousand crime victims a year, but they're short staffed and for the first time in decades they have a waiting list for Spanish speaking clients.

"Every year we see more and more clients but our funding remains the same," adds Bramson.

To help fund the center, the Broadway community has come together.

The annual fundraiser Broadway Unlocked raises money for the crime victims center.

The Broadway Unlocked benefit is on April 22nd.

And just a reminder, that center is open for men and women. Anyone over the age of 13 who's been the victim of a violent crime.