Basketball coach out at Rutgers

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April 3, 2013 1:59:43 PM PDT
It was never really a question of if; it was always a question of when.

The when happened this morning, when Rutgers University fired its men's head basketball coach Mike Rice less than 24 hours after a video collage went viral, showing Rice kicking and pushing and hitting his players during practice.

He also yelled some homophobic slurs, especially sensitive at Rutgers where the death of Tyler Clemente, the gay student who took his own life after his sexual encounter was put on a computer by his roommate.

Rutgers fired Rice, after a flood of outrage, but now disturbing questions about when officials at the New Jersey state-run university knew about the tape and why they didn't act on it earlier. Rice was suspended in December for 3 games after officials learned of the tape. So why didn't they fire him then? The Athletic Director says he was inclined to help Rice rehab his behavior.

But if those students getting abused and bullied were your kids, what would you have done? What would you have wanted your child to do? Many of these kids are there on scholarship, and so some of them just clamed up. Others did not we know of at least five students who left the program. Does Rutgers have something of a Penn State problem here, with officials knowing but not doing anything about the problem that no one wanted to talk about?

We're digging deeper at 11, where Rob Powers and Jim Dolan head our coverage.

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