Police credit social media in huge gang bust in New York City

April 4, 2013 1:39:03 PM PDT
Police say three rival gangs, some of New York City's most violent, have been taken down at once, and authorities were able to do it because of social media.

Authorities say 63 alleged members of the Air It Out, True Money and Whoadey gangs are now in custody, accused of carrying out a "campaign of violence dating back to at least 2009."

District Attorney Cy Vance says the gang members have been tied to three murders, nearly three dozen shootings and gun trafficking.

Police hardly needed wiretaps, cooperating witnesses and other tools of the law enforcement trade, because the gang members allegedly bragged about their crimes on social media.

They "talked openly," police said, "on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube."

Court records quoted one gang member on Facebook as posting, "I'm two Glocks strapped rolling down 112 Madison 116th this is the New Iraq"

And on Twitter, "It start goin off like its 4th of July"