Bronx business owners worried about graffiti problem

April 4, 2013 2:52:03 PM PDT
Covering roller doors, delivery trucks, and even long stretches of brick walls, so-called tags and graffiti are appearing more frequently to the worry of Bronx business owners.

"The graffiti stopped for a while but now it's coming back again," said George Davido, a business owner.

George Davido knows because his business is in Bronxdale. He lives in the Bronx and has growing concerns about what he calls the bad message this graffiti brings.

"Like, it's a bad neighborhood. And nobody wants to come down and see all that graffiti on the walls. They don't want to see that. It's bad for the business. It's bad," Davido said.

Two sides of a post office and the front of a door company were both hit.

"If you give somebody some place where they can do it and its artwork and they appreciate it, that's something. But to be on everywhere, anywhere that you think you can spray it, it's not good," said Mia Peacock, a Bronx resident.

Others see a financial cost to them.

"From $500 to $700 a year, just to get rid of it," said Elbrick Luby, a business owner.

Up to $700 of his own hard earned money Elbrick Luby spends to get rid of the ominous tags scrawled on the front of his building and even his trucks at his New York City sign company in the South Bronx.

"Three or four months ago we painted all that stuff, it's a lot of money," Luby said.

"It's damaging and degrading to property values. What can you do?" a resident said.

There are numerous efforts to stay ahead of the problem.

A graffiti free New York City program can remove it if reported to 311.

"It's getting worse. Little by little," Luby said.

And it is costing this community, business owners believe, in more ways than one.