Real Estate Expo focuses on Harlem market

April 4, 2013 2:41:16 PM PDT
An expo this weekend features homes for sale in a hot neighborhood, and for the first time ever, the expo is focusing on Harlem.

There are a variety of types of places on the market being featured.

"Everybody wants a piece of Harlem," said Charlie Lewis, Warburg Realty broker.

How about living right here?

A $2.6 million beauty is at 529 west 142nd Street and is for sale, in a part of the city that buyers are now looking to call home, more than ever before.

"People are starting to see what Harlem brings, the life that exists here, the neighborhood and the energy," Lewis said..

Charlie Lewis closely tracks the real estate market in Harlem.

"We consider it, in the real estate community in Harlem, we're on our fourth wave of developers," Lewis said.

He's a broker with Warburg Realty.

He's selling a 1-bedroom property at the corner of 129th and 5th, asking price, $750,000.

The roughly 1,500 square foot space has an open, loft feel and along with an office, features 233 square feet of outdoor space.

It is one of more than 45 spots, you can take a look at Saturday and Sunday, as the Real Estate Board of New York holds its first open house expo here in Harlem.

There's something for everyone.

"There's not much on the market, so it gives them an opportunity to see how quickly things are moving, my experience is as soon as things come on the market, as long as they're priced correctly they're moving the first open house," said Brian Phillips, a real estate agent.

Brian Phillips, hopes to move a brownstone on West 140th Street priced at $1.6 million.

It's split up into four apartments, each has its own private outdoor space and it's unique, the depth of the building is 72 feet, similar properties are only about 55 feet deep.

During the expo, house hunters will have the chance to stroll through listings starting at about $175,000, on the high end $3.5 million.

"We have a very wide range of properties people can see and get a taste and feel of Harlem," Phillips said.

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