Target apologizes for 'manatee' label on plus-size dress

April 5, 2013 3:06:28 PM PDT
Outside Target in downtown Brooklyn, it's fair to say women of all sizes had a sizable reaction to Target's online snafu.

"Oh my God! That's awful. That is awful," Toni Leatherman said.

So awful that some had to laugh about it.

For Target's online shoppers, the color of the Mossimo Kimono Maxi dress in the basic women's gray was listed as dark heather gray, but in the women's plus-sized gray, it was called "manatee" gray - as in a "manatee" also known as sea cow.

"I'm offended. I'm not saying I'm plus sized, but I'm offended," Keesha Hutchinson said.

One online shopper first questioned the listing 2 days ago on Twitter, writing: "What sized women get "manatee gray" while standard sizes are dark heather gray at Target -- not buying it..."

She wasn't alone.

A day later target responded to that tweet, apologizing. In fact, a spokeswoman at the company tells me that this was definitely "an un-intentional oversight..."

In fact, Target says manatee gray is a seasonal color used on many products, from apparel to home items. The problem was a discrepancy in the uploading of items onto the website, the company says.

"Target is a Midwest, Mineapolis, salt of the earth company," Howard Davidowitz, retail expert, said. "So, it's ridiculous to think Target did anything intentional. Nevertheless, if you're target, this was stupid."

Target says they'll use this incident as a learning opportunity. By the way, the color is now listed as gray.