The Company You Keep : Sandy Kenyon review

April 5, 2013 3:00:36 PM PDT
Folks who tweet me ask when will there be a movie I actually like. This week I found one and "The Company You Keep" marks a return to form for Robert Redford.

He is still directing movies and starring in them at the age of 76. I took my wife Eileen who's even pickier than I am and she really enjoyed this new thriller.

If you have ever doubted the value of movie stars - ever wondered why they get paid so much money - watch Redford in his new movie and you will understand. The amazing cast he has assembled around him made a believer out of me all over again.

The movie is called "The Company You Keep" because of the group they joined three decades ago. "The Weather Underground" was a group of radicals who turned to violence to protest the Vietnam War. All these years later, they remain underground in hiding and living under assumed names, but the FBI hasn't forgotten about them.

A journalist played by Shia Leboeuf interviews the fugitive after she is captured and his scenes with Susan Sarandon have a quiet power.

The reporter soon figures out a mild-mannered lawyer is one of the former radicals, so Redford's character must go on the run.

Turns out he isn't such a bad guy after all, may not even be guilty and may be just trying to clear his name for the sake of his daughter.

Redford's clout is such that he can get major stars like Nick Nolte for relatively minor parts, but Julie Christie plays a key role as his ex-lover now living with someone else.

"The Company You Keep" is playing in just a few theaters, but it's worth seeking out.

Also hitting big screens this weekend, universal pictures spent 10 million dollars to convert "Jurassic Park" to 3-D. A new "Evil Dead" movie is also out. I defer to my colleague from ABC Radio David Blaustein on that one. He calls it not so much a blood bath as a blood monsoon, but he also calls it "a crowd pleaser."

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