Off-duty train operator saves several lives

April 8, 2013 2:26:54 PM PDT
The subway operator who stopped a speeding train from hitting several people on the tracks spoke with Eyewitness News.

This is not only a story of one hero, but several heroes as some Good Samaritans also jumped into action to help a man having a seizure who fell on the tracks.

"I'm kind of running on adrenaline," said Danny Hay, subway hero.

That's because Danny Hay just did something here in the subway most people will never do.

"I had to stop the train if a train was coming," Hay said.

That's right; the 55-year-old literally stopped a train in its tracks.

It was the F train at the Delancey Street Station Sunday morning.

"As I started running to the back, I could feel and hear, there was a train coming," Hay said.

Danny was on his way to work in Downtown Brooklyn, he's a train operator but at the time was standing on this platform.

Suddenly, he looked and noticed, a man had fallen between the rails and was having a seizure.

Danny's training immediately kicked in.

First he ran upstairs to alert the station agent in the booth, by the time he ran back downstairs, the situation had changed and grown more serious.

"There were two Good Samaritans on the track trying to lift the man onto the platform," Hay said.

Now there were three people on the tracks.

He knew at any moment the F would approach, and that's exactly what happened.

"I could see the light approaching through the tunnel. I knew a train was coming," Hay said.

And so Danny ran to the end of the platform.

"I had a flashlight with me and I signaled the light across the rails to signal the train to stop," Hay said.

A train with 10 cars each weighs about 85,000 pounds.

"She came to a complete halt right before me," Hay said.

The train was only about 400 feet from the victim, who was now on the platform, along with the two people who helped.

EMS came and the two Good Samaritans took off.

Danny never got to meet any of them, but says he would like to.

"My girlfriend is excited. (You did a good deed.) My son will be excited, thank you, thank you very much," Hay said.