Connecticut high school bans e-cigarettes

April 9, 2013 3:44:20 AM PDT
A high school in Connecticut wants to nix nicotine altogether, banning electronic cigarettes after some students were supposedly found using them in class.

The Amity Regional High School, in Woodbridge, sent out a letter to parents saying that all smoking is prohibited, including e-cigarettes.

The battery-powered devices allow the user to ingest nicotine through water vapors.

The school district says right now, the e-cigarettes are perfectly legal for all ages, but there is legislation being developed to prevent anyone under 18 from using them.

On top of that, though, the school district says the devices are unsafe.

Some students agree with the policy, because of some of the things they are hearing.

"I think they shouldn't have it, because there are always ways to get drugs into them," one student said. "I think if you ban it all completely, it would help out a lot."