New City girl stabbed by mom released from hospital

April 9, 2013 5:40:27 AM PDT
A 7-year-old Rockland County girl who was stabbed by her mother is out of the hospital Tuesday.

Ava Sangavaram has been in the hospital for more than a month after police say her mother, Victoria Vovchik, attacked the girl before killing herself.

They're hoping to learn more about the brutal stabbing now that Ava is home from the hospital.

Ava suffered several stab wounds when her mothe tuned on her with a weapon on Thursday at their upscale New City home, about 30 miles from Manhattan, police said. Vovchik then stabbed herself to death, they said.

The Rockland County medical examiner said Vovchik died from two self-inflicted wounds in her neck.

The victims were discovered by Ava's father, Kristappa Sangavaram, a New Jersey anesthesiologist. He had been alerted by Ava's school that she was absent, and he went to the home to check on her, Fratianni said.

Sangavaram and Vovchik had never been married, Fratianni said.