Dog found with ears cut off in Woodbridge, New Jersey

April 11, 2013 3:51:29 AM PDT
At more than 120 pounds, he is just a gentle giant.

Animal control officer John Conklin says the abandoned Cane Corso loves affection and needs a new home.

"We will hold him for seven days, then we will have him seen by our vet," said Animal Control officer John Conklin, "He's given shots and temperament tested, then neutered. Then we can have him adopted."

A custodian at an Elementary School 9 in the Port Reading section of Woodbridge found the large breed hunting dog chained up to a fence around eight on Tuesday morning.

Staff members at the Woodbridge Animal Shelter named him George, and are giving him lots of love. They say his ears were cut off as a puppy to make him look threatening - nothing like what Eyewitness News saw.

"He seems to be in good shape, but his ears were cut off, probably as a puppy," said Conklin.

Authorities are looking for George's owner, or whoever abandoned him.

They think George is about three years old.

If you know anyone who can help, please call the shelter at 732-855-0600.

CLICK HERE to see images of George.