Queens tenants left without electricity, heat for days

April 12, 2013 3:51:14 AM PDT
Tenants of a Queens building have been in the dark for days.

Their entire building has no power.

And that's just this week. Last week, residents in Queens say their gas was turned off.

So what's behind all of the problems at the Jamaica building?

Eyewitness News started digging and quickly found out the owner hasn't paid the utility bills, forcing residents to suffer.

Mary Peterman walked the hallways with a flashlight Thursday night.

Her building had the power cut off Wednesday, more than a week after the gas was turned off, and for all of the residents, and it has been a rough several days.

"I can't really see anything and it's hard and I do my homework at school because here I can't see anything," a tenant said.

"We have no hot water, we have no electricity, it's like living in the dark ages," a tenant said.

Crystal's daughter has asthma and since the power was turned off, she can't use her nebulizer for the treatments she is supposed to have every night.

"There's a machine that you have to plug in, today I've been giving her the pump, but God forbid, I hope she's going to be OK," a tenant said.

Residents say they've been told the building owners owe thousands of dollars in gas and electricity bills and that's why everything has been turned off.

Some just can't take it anymore and left for hotels.

Eyewitness News has tried to call the management company and the owners but no one would return our calls.

And after Eyewitness News called, Con Ed did show up and turned the power back on, but the water is still cold and there is still no heat.

"They keep moving in new tenants charging them outrageous rents and they aren't providing anyone with anything. To take cold showers when it's freezing out, it's ridiculous," a tenant said.