Long Island man charged in hate-filled attack on golf course

April 12, 2013 3:20:15 PM PDT
A Long Island man is under arrest Friday, facing charges in an alleged hate-filled assault on a golf course.

48-year-old Grant Smith of Long Beach is being charged with assault and menacing.

Police say he yelled racial slurs at two men and then attacked them at Eisenhower Park Golf Course in East Meadow.

One of the victims didn't want to speak with Eyewitness News on camera but did speak with us over the phone about what happened.

He says he and his friend noticed Smith creeping up behind them on the second hole.

"When we got to the third hole he said, 'It's common courtesy to let singles through.' And he kept shouting how we don't have any golf etiquette," the victim said.

The victim says he told Smith he was acting rude and because of that they would not let him pass.

He says Smith started yelling racial slurs and then a few holes later.

"He grabbed his club came up to us and swung the iron and hit my buddy in the leg, broke the iron. I picked up the head of his club holding it as evidence. Of course he smashed it out of my hand along with my cell phone because I was also trying to get to the police," the victim said.

The victim says Smith jumped in his own golf cart and drove away.

Smith later told police that the two men came at him first.

Eyewitness News obtained the court documents which show that Smith told police, "They attacked me first. You can't put me with real criminals. I am a good guy. I had bad luck, this shouldn't have happened."