New York Mouth giving customers a taste of the Big Apple

April 23, 2013 3:03:29 PM PDT
There are so many unique things made right here in our area.

A Brooklyn based business is taking some of them and sharing them with people around the world.

Craig Karanick finds unusual and delicious handmade food items.

He and Nancy Cohen sell their finds on New York Mouth.

The company hones in on locally made products and ships them worldwide.

So there's jerky, tonic, pickles, chia seed peanut butter, and decadent fruit-studded chocolate bars called Cacao Prieto made by a former aerospace engineer.

"We're finding that people are really passionate about making these products and making better versions of products people are used to buying," said Karanick.

Alex Crosier is one of those food makers. She offers her Brooklyn-made granola in five flavors, including tamarind.

New York Mouth offers her a great outlet.

"They focus on local products beyond the tri-state area, which is wonderful," said Crosier.

And consumers are definitely looking for these handcrafted products for the taste and what goes into them.


You may or may not think of that when you dive into the caramel corn made with bacon.

And New York Mouth can get it to you where ever you are.

"It's so delicious, every day we have a lot of fun here," said Cohen.