Pieces of the bomb may provide critical clues in Boston bombings

April 17, 2013 3:19:42 PM PDT
There's a reason pressure cooker bombs are so popular with terrorists. Just a little knowledge can create a lot of destruction.

"Close that lid, which has a seal on it, and as that pressure builds up, as the explosive material expands, it breaks through and causes tremendous explosion," Bill Daley, frmr FBI Investigator, said.

Daley worked forensic with the FBI back in 1976 when a pressure-cooking bomb exploded killing an NYPD officer.

"It was part of a scheme by some Croatian separatist to prove a point. Unfortunately, resulting in the death of a New York city bomb squad detective as he tried to dismantle the bomb," Daley said.

In 2010, a pressure cooker packed with explosives came close to detonating in Times Square. Shortly after, Homeland Security issued a warning to police nationwide saying pressure cooker bombs are an increasing threat because they're easily transportable and the components are easy to conceal.

"The pressure cooker's an ideal weapon because it's a low-cost item and it withstands a great deal of pressure," Kevin Barry, former NYPD Bomb Squad Detective, said.

Barry says while surveillance video can spot who planted the bombs, it's the pressure cooker that he thinks could help lead investigators to the suspect:.

"If it was recently purchased, that may be a big break for investigators," Barry said. "Not too many people have them. There certainly not on the bridge's gift list for the wedding. We just don't use them that frequently in this country and a clerk who possibly sold this will remember it after seeing the event."



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