Catering hall closing, weddings in jeopardy

April 18, 2013 8:33:01 PM PDT
There are some worried and angry couples on Long Island.

Their summer wedding plans are suddenly up in the air after their catering hall shuts down.

The hall has their money, and lots of it.

So now what can the couples do? The catering hall is in the Nassau County Village of Bayville.

"I've been working two jobs just to try to pay for this wedding," said Eddie Navarrette, groom-to-be.

Eddie Navarrette and his fiancé, Tammy Pagnillo are supposed to get married on June 22nd.

Andrea Rosenberg's wedding is set for June 8th.

But they've just learned that their caterer, The Waterview Club in Bayville, Long Island, is apparently out of business.

Andrea's father, Mark paid his last installment just a few days ago.

"My father took all of his retirement money to pay for this wedding, it's terrible," said Andrea Rosenberg, bride-to-be.

"It's amazing what a man can do to spoil a bride's day, something that my daughter has planned for a year and a half, since January of 2012, how a man can sleep with a conscious like this is unbelievable," said Mark Rosenberg, father of the bride.

Andrea and her fiancé, and Tammy and Eddie say they're among at least 10 couples whose weddings were booked at the Waterview.

"I dream of spring, flowers, not snow, winter," said Tammy Pagnillo, bride to be.

The owner of the Waterview told Eyewitness News he's found another caterer, but the landlord needs to approve the plan.

"It is our utmost responsibility to make sure these clients are able to have their events," the owner said in a statement.

But the couples are furious, and they want their money back.

"We don't trust anything he says, we don't want to be there," Navarrette said.

"We need to move on," Pagnillo said.

"We just want our money back so we can go somewhere else, that's it," Navarrette said.

Both families say they will bring it to the Nassau County District Attorney to spark a criminal investigation.