New Yorkers send message of solidarity, support to Marathon victims

April 21, 2013 8:20:27 PM PDT
From Bensonhurst to Boston, several dozen came out to pray and remember the victims of the marathon bombing. Arab Americans also joined in the call for peace, insisting diversity will make America stronger, not weaker.

New Yorkers began with prayers and a moment of silence.

On Sunday night, Brooklyn paused to remember the Boston victims.

Former State Senator David Storobin was born in the same place where the alleged terrorist brothers were born. Storobin, too received asylum. However, instead of turning on the country that welcomed him, he became a public servant and got involved in politics. Storobin says you can't always explain why some become radicalized, and others do not.

With the Verrazano Bridge in the background, and red, white and blue in the top, many Arab-Americans joined the candlelight vigil to condemn the attack and gather as one.

Many at the vigil said they will not forget Boston, just as other cities did not forget New York after the terrorist attacks on September 11th. Many also said that they are hoping to take a trip to Boston in the near future to show their support.