Crash sends minivan careening into Brooklyn deli

April 24, 2013 2:50:50 PM PDT
A minivan careened into the front of a deli following a two-vehicle crash in Brooklyn early Wednesday.

In the video you see two joggers just come cross 9th Street.

As they approached the Deli & Smoke Shop, a white car appears that had been struck.

It jumped the curb and barely missed a women and slammed into the front of the store.

Inside the store, a worker moved over to one side of the counter when the car came crashing through the plate glass window and ended up under a pile of rubble.

The worker then jumped over the counter to see if the drivers is alright.

"Thank God. You know, this is like impossible, you know. You can't believe this. But thank God nobody got hurt," said Mohamed Almerdie, store manager.

It's amazing no one got hurt considering the speed at which the car was traveling.

His employee in the store Ali was lucky too, coming away with only a scrape.

"He went to the hospital, nothing wrong, he's OK. He has a little cut on his hand," Almerdie said.

From Newscopter Seven you could see the intersection of 5th Avenue and 9th Street.

The white car was heading north on 5th Avenue when it apparently collided with the dark minivan, sending the white car into the deli.

The dark car ended up spinning around and coming to rest at the curb.

Ann Topash believes cars on both streets travel way to fast.

"It's a very busy intersection. They turn very quickly. They don't give pedestrians the right of way. So it's very busy. (So an accident doesn't surprise you?) No it doesn't surprise me," Topash said.

The two pedestrians are tourists and will now go home with a wild story of a crash to tell their friends.

The building did not sustain any major structural damage.

The cause of the crash is under investigation.

CLICK HERE to see images from the scene.