Ex-Yonkers mayor to apologize, city to pay to end suit

April 24, 2013 5:05:46 AM PDT
It's going to take lots of cash and an apology to settle the legal battle between a strip club owner and the former mayor of Yonkers.

Ex-Mayor Philip Amicone will issue a public apology Wednesday to Sam Zherka, publisher of the Westchester Guardian and co-owner of a Manhattan strip club.

Amicone had called Zherka a thug and convicted drug dealer.

Now, Amicone will take it all back.

The Yonkers City Council will pay $100,000 to end a lawsuit filed by Zherka.

Amicone, whose legal defense was funded by the city, won't be financially liable - even though he was the suit's main target.

He is due to apologize at City Hall at 11 a.m.