Indictment to be unsealed in boy's 2006 Easter death

April 26, 2013 5:43:46 AM PDT
An indictment will be unsealed in the Bronx Friday in the 2006 shooting death of 2-year old David Pacheco.

The little boy was killed as his parents drove to Easter Sunday services.

David "Deelie" Pacheco was in his Easter outfit, in a van heading to church when the family got caught in the crossfire between two gangs shooting it out at West Tremont and Harrison avenues.

After the killing, Nicholas Morris was arrested in possession of a loaded .357 Magnum. Two years later at his trial, evidence showed the Magnum wasn't the murder weapon and Morris didn't fit the description of the shooter given by witnesses.

The judge granted a mistrial, and a month later, prosecutors dropped the murder charge. Morris pleaded guilty to a gun charge and received time served.