Dog escapes leash ends up stuck in marsh on Staten Island

April 25, 2013 1:43:49 PM PDT
Harrowing moments on Staten Island as police fight to save a struggling dog from himself.

11-year-old Ahmed Awada thought he'd never see Mikey the German Sheppard again, and he's only had him for one day.

"We jut got him last night," said Ahmed.

The dog was picked up Wednesday night at a breeder in New Jersey.

Earlier Thursday Mikey slipped out of his leash and took off down the street, into the water and then swam where he got stuck on a marsh.

The dog's owner's uncle Mohamed called the police who came quickly, but had one heck a time trying to convince Mikey it was in his best interest to go with them.

ESU officers arrived and after a bit of a struggle, eventually got a collar around Mikey's neck, and were able to pull him from one side of the marsh to drier land on the other.

The owners credit the NYPD for the down and dirty dog rescue.