Temporary Sandy housing set to run out

April 25, 2013 2:31:06 PM PDT
The recovery from Superstorm Sandy has been slow and expensive.

For some people still out of their homes and relying on money from the government to help pay for a place to live, the money is about to run out.

Home for Daphne Murphy since last December has been a hotel room.

After losing her Rockaway bungalow to Sandy and having her boyfriend pass away, she's moved around to two different evacuation centers, until the City's' Department of Homeless Services put her there through the city's hotel and interim placement program.

"I was so happy, so happy," Murphy said.

Living out of suitcase, Daphne now can't wait to move into a new section 8 apartment she found but it won't be ready for 30 days.

But in the meantime, she says the city has placed a deadline of next Tuesday for her and other families to leave the hotels the city has paid for.

But she still fears that one month gap.

"Being out in the street, going to a homeless shelter. I just need to stay for one more month until my apartment is ready," Murphy said.

"I can't imagine just what these folks have gone through," said Annabel Palma, a City Council member.

City Council member Annabel Palma says she's been told by city officials that about 600 individuals or families are still in hotels under the city program.

She has called a special hearing Friday.

"A solid deadline of next week across the board, it's not feasible. It's not reasonable, and it just puts people into further anxiety," Palma said.

She's asking the Commissioner of Homeless Services, who is scheduled to appear at hearing, to consider an extension.

A spokesperson says he will explain the efforts that have been made.

Another 300 families that have been displaced by Sandy and found shelter in hotels under a FEMA program just received a 30-day extension.

Daphne is hoping for the same.

"I would be so grateful. I just need one more month. I do have my apartment it's just ready. I'm just waiting for my inspection, I just need one more month," Murphy said.