Connecticut man survives lightning strike

April 27, 2013 6:05:55 AM PDT
A Connecticut man is lucky to be alilve after being struck by lightning.

Captain Gus Bertolf has seen his fair share of severe weather. He's a Long Island Sound Boat Captain.

But last July 18th he was working at Greenwich construction site, when the skies went dark and he took a risk.

While out on the water he got struck by lightning.

Struck by a bolt with the equivalent energy of the third rail in the subway, Gus says he's lucky he's alive.

About 100 lightning fatalities happen in America each year. 90% of lightning victims do survive like Gus but then must undergo a painful recovery.

"The whole sky lit up and the next thing I knew I had ringing in my ears for two days," he said.

Here's the science behind this lightning safety. It's not because of the rubber on tires , it's actually the cars metal frame conducts the electricity and as long as you are not touching any metal of the car you're safe.

Becoming a small target away from trees is a last resort. Your first line of defense should always be to seek shelter when it comes to surviving severe weather.