Feeding Family helps feed Sandy victims

April 29, 2013 2:20:11 PM PDT
It's been six months since Superstorm Sandy; so many people have stepped up to help those impacted by the devastating storm.

Two women on Staten Island started an organization and each day they help thousands of people.

They're helping others with food.

These two women are in their 20's and are doing more than their part to make sure Staten Island residents affected by Sandy are fed.

They began by cooking and now they're growing, literally.

"The fact that it's raining is good," said Corrine Daly, Feeding Family.

The rain is good for the garden bed which is planted with peas.

In another bed there's lettuce and Chinese cabbage that is still weeks away from being ready.

But the Midland Avenue Community Garden will make a difference for this community.

"We are putting this in a place where we can have sustainable future," Daly said.

The beds are made of recycled wood.

The seeds are donated.

It's exactly in line with the work Corrine Daly and Cat Gaurnier have been doing since Sandy hit.

That's when Cat first started cooking hot meals for her displaced neighbors.

"Anything else in the world people are OK going without, but food and water are a main staple you can't go without them," Gaurnier said.

Soon, they were cooking thousands of meals a day with the help of others.

They call their non-profit Feeding Family.

The food they use is donated.

They then distribute the cooked meals around the island.

As many as 600 meals are served each day at the Midland Avenue neighborhood relief tent.

Aiman is also a victim. A tent now stands where his home once did.

The tent is where people eat those hot meals he helps distribute.

Undoubtedly keeping this community fed takes many people.

So growing some of the food there and in nine more planned community gardens gets to the root of the problem.

"To us it's not just eating it's what you eat. You can't just survive on starch and preservatives. That's not going to work, so we're going to grow as much healthy food as possible," Gaurnier said.

Feeding family is non-profit.

It relies strictly on donations.

If you'd like to help them feed Staten Island residents, please visit: http://www.feedingfamily.org/