2013 Arthritis Walk

May 7, 2013 1:44:55 PM PDT
As the Arthritis Foundation's signature event, The Arthritis Walk® raises funds and awareness every year to fight the nation's leading cause of disability.We aren't just fighting arthritis and helping the millions of people who live with arthritis pain. We're making the impact of arthritis unacceptable and taking a stand, moving together to help prevent and treat this serious and painful disease through research, education and community programs.

Participants walk for friends or family members with arthritis, and those with arthritis wear blue hats to signify their action to take control of their condition. The event features a three-mile and one-mile course, with arthritis information and activities for the entire family. Pet owners are encouraged to bring their dogs at participating events.

By joining your 2013 Arthritis Walk®, you become part of Let's Move Together, a nationwide community that encourages people to prevent or treat arthritis through movement. Start moving today for better health! To sign up for the 2013 NYC Arthritis Walk in Historic Battery Park on May 19th, visit newyorkaw.kintera.org.