Televisions, gym memberships and other May best buys

Seven On Your Side
May 2, 2013 3:26:49 AM PDT
Along with warmer skies, the month of May brings savings, but you need to know where those best bets are.

Forget buying blossoms, at a premium before Mother's Day. Dan DeGrandpre, the shopping guru at say for mom think outside the box.

"Cruises are a lot less now, they're not doing well if you can afford to send your mom on a cruise you'll pay a lot less than would normally," he said.

You'll also pay less, a lot less on Spring apparel just wait until the end of the month to take full advantage of Memorial Day sales.

"Here's an example of how much you save Calvin Klein had 85 percent off during Memorial Day weekend, that's crazy good," adds Dan.

May also brings savings on Apples, iPhones that is, if you take advantage of a two year deal from T-mobile.

"You have to pay full price to buy the iPhone so you play hundreds of dollar more than if you buy from AT&T or Verizon but the monthly costs is so much lower you can save as little as $250 or as much as $1,000," he adds.

Dan's retail researchers also found huge saving on huge HDTV's in May.

"One of the best things to buy right now is 60 inch tv's they're at the cheapest prices they've ever been its now around $700 for name brands," adds Dan.

What doesn't stack up to save mad money in May: summer stuff, beach towels and shades, shorts and t's (sunglasses) all more expensive now, along with, for some reason, gaming consoles.

The old model x-box 360 may drop to $99 dollars soon so look for that! Also dropping in price , gym memberships.

Since we can finally exercise outside, may is always the magic month for haggling, so get your game face on and ask for no or low initiation fee you may not get it, but you won't know if you don't bring it up.