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Apartments in New York City for $10

May 1, 2013 1:45:13 PM PDT
A luxury new apartment building where a unit could rent for as much as $10,000 a month.

But some lucky residents have been able to buy for much, much less.

Just $10 is what they paid for their new apartments.

Get this -- ten dollars is what they paid for their new apartments!

So how did they land such a deal?

The views will be spectacular looking at the Freedom Tower and the Empire State Building, and for 9 lucky tenants here on Second Avenue and east 1st street.

The apartments cost $10.

"They're each gonna get a unit for $10 dollars or I'm gonna be sued by 9 people, there's no 2 ways about that," said Donald Capoccia.

It has to do with something called the Inclusionary Zoning Program here in the city in order for this project to move forward, the developer had to include 20 percent.

The beautiful, 10 dollar digs go to long-time tenants, like 83-year-old John Vaccarro, who moved to the building when no one would, so does he feel "lucky" getting this deal?

"I liked what I had, I had two big lofts please. 36 years, $294 dollars a month," he said.

Except that the building was scarred with graffiti and falling apart but home to the famous Mars Bar, ever popular with hipsters and artists who were willing, to tough it out.

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