Small plane lands on a highway in Babylon

Small plane that landed on a Deer Park Avenue (Route 231) near John Street in Babylon. (Courtesy Roe from Long Island via Twitter)

May 2, 2013 1:40:53 PM PDT
The pilot is a stunt pilot, but this was no stunt.

The small plane landed on a Deer Park Avenue (Route 231) near John Street in Babylon around 12:50 p.m.

"I was on the way back to the airport, there was a horrible vibration and the engine seized," pilot David Windmiller said.

The propeller snapped off, but thankfully veteran stunt pilot David Windmiller knew to control his nerves and find a safe place to put the plane down.

"I had to find a good place to land not to hurt anyone or the aircraft or myself. And I found a spot on 231 in between some cars and trucks, and there's not a scratch on the airplane or myself. I'm really lucky thank God," he said.

Windmiller is a Long Island based stunt pilot. He's been flying planes since he was 14.

He was practicing for the Jones Beach Air Show later on this month.

He was just about to land when the engine blew.

Crews later hauled the plane away back up Route 231

"This is my life flying. I fly a tremendous amount of hours a year and I have a lot of experience with it and part of flying unfortunately is dealing with emergencies," he said.

Why the engine blew remains under investigation.