Suspect arrested in Brooklyn robbery spree

May 4, 2013 4:42:36 PM PDT
The NYPD has arrested 42-year-old Joseph Cantanzarro of Brooklyn in connection with a string of violent robberies in Brooklyn.

On the evening of Friday, May 3rd Cantanzarro was arrested and charged with five counts of Burglary and 1 count of Criminal Possession of stolen property.

He was wanted in connection with nine robberies within the past month in Bay Ridge.

In each incident, police say the suspect entered the location through a window and removes property.

Looking at the picture of the burglary suspect is unsettling for a young Brooklyn couple.

"They must have been career burglars, because they were very efficient, and then they ran off," said victim David Maldonado.

The suitcase the thief had in to belongs to Paola Mata. Police say a burglar rolled out of the third floor apartment she shares with her boyfriend on Irvington Avenue full of their stuff.

Last Wednesday, investigators were able to locate it, and give it back. Unfortunately, the suitecase came back empty.

"It was over five thousand dollars and my jewelry," said Mata.

Police say a total of nine families have been hit in a robbery spree in Bay Ridge. Four homes near 78th Street were robbed on April 19th, and five apartments were robbed on Ovington Avenue on the 24th, the same day as Maldonado and Mata.

The thief also came up the fire escape and ransacked Gregory Leal's third floor apartment, dumping all of his drawers to steal an iPhone, iPad, six watches, and his wife's precious coin collection.

"I have an expensive watch here, a Rolex," said Leal, "my wife, she hide all the collection coin, now he took everything."