Thieves targeting side-view mirrors in Queens

May 5, 2013 5:10:26 PM PDT
The frustration is continuing for some car owners in Queens who have had their vehicles vandalized for several weeks now.

Dozens of cars have been hit, and the thief, or thieves have a specific target - side view mirrors. The latest damage extends along three blocks in South Richmond Hill, Queens.

Livery cab driver Ram Ji has a brand new Lincoln, but now he has to replace the driver's side mirror.

"They popped out he glass with a screwdriver, and easily take out the wires," Ji said.

Thieves meticulously popped out the glass, and stole the sensor underneath. This will cost Ji $250 to replace.

Up and down 125th Street in South Richmond Hill, Queens, dozens of cars are also missing their side view mirrors. Neighbors tell Eyewitness News that the thieves strike during the night, but so far no security camera recorded them in the act - not even the NYPD's security cameras.

Residents say they have called the cops dozens of times, but the thefts continue.

As for Ji, he has two mirrors to replace. Thieves also stole his van's glass and sensor.

Neighbors believe that the thieves are professionals, and are selling the mirrors and the sensors to auto body shops.