Corsets exhibit by designer Camilla Huey

May 7, 2013 1:59:41 PM PDT
They are ultimate symbols of femininity, structural and strong, yet deeply alluring.

Talking about corsets, these created by couture designer Camilla Huey.

They're prominently featured in the home of Eliza Jumel, this like her fiery velvet corset.

She was flamboyant, briefly married to Aaron Burr, Thomas Jefferson's Vice President, who in one way or another had ties to each women, ladies Camilla learned were not your typical female figures in American history.

Camilla went to great lengths choosing time appropriate material, the boning in this one is made of steel this one leather and quills.

The backs are as fascinating as the front.

This exhibit is special for another reason, breaking tradition, inviting a contemporary artist into a historic home.

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