Man killed in barbershop brawl

May 8, 2013 8:25:46 PM PDT
An argument over a pair of hair clippers turned into a deadly barbershop brawl.

One man facing charges over the fist fight and the family of the barber who died is speaking out.

Things were looking up for Michael Alao, he was turning his life around, taking college classes, and cutting hair at a Castleton Avenue barbershop.

But just as he embraced life's possibilities, his life was cut tragically short.

"A grandson is gone, a family torn apart, and there's an empty spot here," said Elizabeth Lewis, the victim's grandmother.

His family now struggles with life after death.

Alao died on Monday, a week after falling to the pavement outside the barbershop where he worked.

According to investigators, he and a coworker got into a dispute over some clippers and the dispute escalated into a fight that spilled out onto the sidewalk.

Investigators say the coworker punched Alao who fell to the ground striking his head.

He was on life-support for a week and eventually died as a result of a skull fracture and brain injuries.

"A senseless death," Lewis said.

Alao's grandmother is frustrated. She knows it could have been prevented.

On this night she and other family members stared at the messages scrawled on cardboard and listened to Michael's brother share fond memories.

He was everything to them and now he's gone.

"The family is torn apart and all I'm asking for is justice be served for my grandson and my family," Lewis said.

31-year-old Timothy Evans, an ex-con, has been charged 3rd Degree Assault, a misdemeanor.