Second worker charged with abuse at day care

May 10, 2013 6:09:32 PM PDT
There is some disturbing new information about child abuse allegations at a day care center in Jersey City.

Thursday night another worker is arrested.

29-year-old Young Cha walked timidly into court Friday and stood quietly as a judge explained the charges against her.

"Specifically on one occasion, slapping a 17 month old in the face," the judge said.

She looked afraid and she is according to her brother.

"She's like, terrified, breaking down all the time now. I don't like seeing my sister that way," said Jayven Cha, the suspect's brother.

He spoke to Eyewitness News at their house about the accusation.

Cha is the second teacher's aide at the Sunnyside Academy Daycare Center now accused of harming a child.

"They say surveillance video captured her slapping a 17 month old. She told me it was like a slap on the wrist," Jayven Cha said.

He insists the case is somehow, blown out of proportion, but not to parents of children who've gone to the center.

It's because it was only last month when investigators charged 26-year-old Ann Bactawar after they say surveillance video showed her flinging a 19-month-old onto the floor and abusing a 17-month-old.

Investigators say those children were bleeding and bruised.

Claudia Samson told Eyewitness News her son Liam always loved going there, but now she's wondering about the bloody lip he came home with back in February.

"As a mom, the only thing I can do right now is keep my kid with me," Samson said.

Inside the center, the lights were out as parents scrambled for someplace else to bring their kids.