Eggs Benewitch at My Kitchen Witch

May 10, 2013 2:57:11 PM PDT
Maybe it was magic or just a lot of hard work, but after Superstorm Sandy shut it down, My Kitchen Witch is flying again.

Karen Jarmer is the Kitchen Witch - a nickname for her inventiveness when she used to cater for TV and movies in New York.

She opened her cafe 8 years ago when she was ready to return home to the shore at Monmouth Beach, New Jersey to serve up home cooking.

Despite the biscuits, pancakes and French toast, donuts and larger than life cupcakes, Karen is conscientious of health.

Take the Eggs Benewitch, which uses artichoke spread in lieu of the hollandaise sauce.

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My Kitchen Witch Eggs Benewitch

Ingredients: (serves 4)

Fresh olive bread
eggs (2 per person)
6 artichoke hearts
¾ cups lemon juice
Arugula (1 bunch serve 4 people)

Slice olive bread- two slices per person and warm in hot pan with butter
For artichoke puree, combine artichoke hearts and lemon juice in cuisinart, pulse until pureed.
Meanwhile, poach eggs, two per person

Spread artichoke puree on grilled olive bread, top with arugula and place one poached egg on each slice. Serve with a side of hash browns.