Midtown crane toppled during Sandy replaced

May 11, 2013 10:12:51 AM PDT
It's been more than six months since Superstorm Sandy left a crane precariously hanging over midtown Manhattan.

Now the crane is being replaced, but nearby residents are being displaced, and they're not happy.

The project began at about 6 a.m. Saturday at the building known as 1 57 on 57th Street, where the boom of the crane was damaged by Sandy's strong winds.

Residents had to evacuate for days while the boom was secured.

Now the developer is trying to get the project back on track, moving a 150 foot section of crane.

Saturday, workers carefully replaced the boom of the crane, lifting it to its lofty position above 57th Street.

The crane's top is around 1,000 feet up.

The work means residents are being displaced once again, and some are criticizing the developers.

"They're going to act the way they want to act. They put up 1,000 foot tall buildings, and they don't care about the people beneath them," said building resident Michael Gross.

"The city's always going to grow," said the condo board president, Matt Mazer. "And we certainly want to make sure that as it grows around us, that we are safe, that our concerns are heard, and that the community is protected."

Residents say they had trouble getting reimbursed when they were evacuated back in October.

This time, they've been given $1500 in advance to find lodging.

The residents are expected to be allowed back in Saturday evening, and the section of 57th Street that has been closed for the work to be done will reopen.