Bachelorette party with an artistic spin

May 13, 2013 3:07:22 PM PDT
For many women, a bachelorette party is a rite of passage. Now two women from Australia are giving New Yorkers a creative version the festive night out.

"The girls come in and they might be a bit jittery, so we give them a glass of champagne. They get an apron and some pencils and I give them some really simple exercises,"

That's how this drawing class begins. Well, there's one more thing: the male model who's posing nude.

You see this isn't just a drawing class. This is the Artful Bachelorette.

"I think all girls want to have that flirty cheeky moment as part of their bachelorette without taking it too far,

In fact, Samara Hodgson and Fleur Childs had been to similar bachelorette parties in their native Australia. They realized there was no such thing here in the U.S. so they started throwing them. Fleur is the one with the art background

"The human body is made of 8 heads roughly," Fleur explains to the class.

The hope is that the participants really do get a lesson or two about drawing. Sure, they may be a bit distracted by the nude model or the shirtless waiter or the champagne that helps everyone relax and enjoy the moment. It's creating a tasteful memory of those last days as a single girl.

The Artful Bachelorette costs $85 a person. That includes the location, model, and the food and drink. You can also do it in your home. They also do birthday parties and corporate events.