Little Leaguer talks about being revived

May 14, 2013 11:32:23 AM PDT
An 8-year-old Little Leaguer is telling his story being revived after he was hit in the chest by a baseball.

"I woke up and brushed my teeth and washed my face and got dressed," said Ian McGreevy, a youth baseball player.

It was a much welcomed ordinary day for Ian after a terrifying weekend at the baseball field.

"I remember getting up, and then I remember it going black, and then I remember waking up," he said.

He woke up in ambulance, being rushed to the hospital.

"It was horrible. I still get emotional about it," said Lisa McGreevy, Ian's mother.

8-year-old Ian was hit with a ball while stealing third collapsed. He stopped breathing.

Lisa and her husband weren't at the game, but Maureen Renaghan was and she performed CPR on Ian.

"I felt his heart beat, which was the greatest moment of my life. Just to feel that little boy, he was back alive," said Maureen.

Ian is now back home, showing Eyewitness News the jersey that paramedics had to cut off him. Doctors told Ian's mother that all of this was a fluke.

"It hit him exactly at the right place at the wrong time. It was a bruise to the heart and it's a once in a lifetime thing," Lisa McGreevy said.

But the incident does raise the issue of safety.

Ian was not wearing a heart guard, which could have prevented this near fatal injury.

In fact, Eric Crespo, a long time baseball coach, points out that this piece of equipment is optional, but he feels should be mandatory.

"If we have a catcher, we don't let him go behind the plate without his proper protection. Why wouldn't we do the same for everyone else?" said Eric Crespo, a youth baseball coach.

"It's good to have them. Just if you want it on them, have them in the dugout," Lisa said.

Lisa said Sunday was the best Mother's Day ever and looks forward to meeting Maureen.

The bright eyed, third grader also has a message for her.

"Thank you for saving my life," Ian McGreevy said.