NJ Transit workers rescue lost dog on tracks

May 14, 2013 3:08:05 PM PDT
Some pets have two names, like Yvette Osorio's American Eskimo dog.

She calls him Sparky, but the New Jersey train conductors who rescued him call him Lucky.

"I'm very thankful for everyone who helped my Sparky, my little lucky one," said Osorio.

Sparky's adventure began when he accidentally got out of his house in Garfield and ran away.

Lost and confused, a collar-less Sparky made his way to the Garfield train station, wandering the tracks during rush hour.

That's when the crew on train 1254 heading to Hoboken saw him cowering.

But instead of ignoring the plight of yet another stray dog, they stopped the train, got out and rescued him.

They then took Sparky on the train and brought him to Hoboken.

"I met the train when it came into Hoboken Depot," said NJ Senior Train Master Sean Kushnir. "I secured the dog. Immediately the dog was a big hit, all the passengers were waiting with their cell phones taking pictures."

Kushnir says he started calling animal shelters and police departments.

Fortunately, Sparky's owner was doing the same.

"He's a member of my family. I take care of him," said Osorio. "Everything we do is with Sparky. And to be honest, if something happens to him, he's my little baby."

Osorio works as a truck driver and still had a shift to finish before she could go home, but this time her furry 15-year old companion would be joining her.