Breast cancer survivor's home burglarized

May 14, 2013 3:06:43 PM PDT
There is a search for some cold hearted burglars on Long Island.

They stole money from a breast cancer survivor who had saved the money for her own treatment and to help other survivors.

"I was like really? No really this can't be happening," said Chris Foran, breast cancer survivor.

Chris Foran has been through enough over the past several months.

She'd just turned the corner in her fight against breast cancer, only to return to return home last week to find she'd been burglarized.

Gone was jewelry and nearly $2,000 in cash. Some was saved for her ongoing radiation. Some was raised, for the upcoming Long Island 2 Day Cancer Walk.

"I think anybody that can go into somebody's home and violate them; I don't know if they have a conscience. Are they going to give back to me? I don't think so," Foran said.

"Bothers me in my heart that there's somebody out there that's as heartless as that," said Bill Fippinger, Chris' boyfriend.

Her boyfriend Bill Fippinger says most of the cash had been donated, along with notes from well wishes, making it clear, what it was for.

"I would hope that the perp had no idea of the facts of this, and if they do hopefully they would come forward and do the right thing," said Lt. Thomas Grenci, East Hampton Town Police.

Chris was raising the money along with her team called "Heaven Can Wait", which participates every year in the LI 2 Day Walk.

The money was destined to end up at Southampton Hospital's Breast Center, where last year the team raised a hundred grand and helped furnish a special comfort room, for the terminally ill.

"Karma. What comes around goes around," said Susie Roden, a patient navigator.

Patient navigator Susie Roden says it's people like Chris who need the help the most. She lives in the blue collar community of "The Springs" in East Hampton, but far from the glitz and the glamour.

"We're the waitresses here. We're the people who mow your lawn, we take care of your kids, our husbands build your house. We're not the rich and famous," Roden said.

"That's who the real Hampton people are," Roden said.

"And someone stole from you," Eyewitness News said.

"And someone stole. Exactly," Roden said.

For more information on the walk visit:

People can call Susie Roden at Southampton Hospital with any questions at: 631-726-8715.