7 On Your Side helps Camp Life Kingdom workers get paid

7 On Your Side with Nina Pineda

Seven On Your Side
May 17, 2013 3:20:20 PM PDT
When youth counselors and teachers at a summer camp in Queens were stiffed on their paychecks, they called 7 On Your Side for help. But, a year later, they were still waiting for their money.

So, we tracked down Camp Life Kingdom's director, Curtis and Kathleen Turner, again.

Eyewitness News discovered that the summer camps were advertising new locations in the Bronx and Queens this year.

Teyanna Mealing was a camp youth counselor at Camp Life Kingdom and hasn't received a paycheck for $450.

With two younger siblings and a single mom who drives a city bus full-time, Teyanna was counting on her paycheck for back to school supplies. But, last October when 7 On Your Side asked the camp director to pay up, there was no answer.

Joliette Charlot, another one of Turner's teachers was stiffed too. Charlot was owed more than a thousand dollars.

"I was upset, I was very upset because I was supposed to get paid," Charlot said.

Charlot was shocked to see the Turners are back in business, selling new summer camps online in the Bronx and Queens.

"I even explained to him I really need my pay check because I have rent to pay bills and I'm also a single parent," Charlot said.

So, Eyewitness News went back to the Turner's home and Curtis ducked inside while his wife sped away.

I called Curtis Turner inside his home.

"These kids worked for you all summer long and didn't get paid. They need the money," I explained.

Finally, he came out of his house and apologized.

"Everybody will be taken care of," Curtis Turner said.

And true to his word, both of the teachers and teenager got paid in full!