Parents say teacher roughed up their son

May 21, 2013 2:29:00 PM PDT
Parents say there are two YouTube videos that show a teacher at Brentwood North Middle School roughing up their son.

"As a father, seeing your son get thrown like that, no," said Noell Lopez, the student's father.

Noell and Lizbeth Lopez say they were told by the Brentwood School District that the video didn't exist for a year.

It shows teacher Kevin Moore roughing up their then 13 year old son.

When their son came home from Brentwood North Middle School, he had marks on his neck and face.

The parents went to the school and said they wanted to see surveillance of the incident.

They say the district showed them a benign interaction between Moore and their son, who had been on his cell phone, which is not allowed during school, crying to his parents.

"We asked the superintendent, the principal of the school, 'Are there any other tapes?' They said, 'No,'" Noell Lopez said.

But a few days ago, the video from not only one but two other surveillance cameras surfaced on YouTube.

They show Moore going after the student even after the student tries to walk away and faculty doing very little to stop the confrontation.

"Nobody at the school protected my son. How many other things did they lie about?" said Lizbeth Lopez, the student's mother.

In a statement to Eyewitness News the school district said:

"The district is totally aware of the situation at hand. We've hired an investigative firm to do an independent investigation into the matter."

"This is a complete and unequivocal cover up. The powers that be in the school district decided to martial the evidence," said Ken Mollins, defense attorney.

Eyewitness News stopped by Moore's home in Brentwood and spoke with his father who said he's seen the video.

"Kevin and myself, we have no comment," his father said.

Eyewitness News asked the Brentwood School District if Moore was still working as a teacher. They wouldn't say.

"I have grandkids, my grandchildren, I don't want them going to this school and 10 years later find out that this teacher is teaching them or anybody else's kids," Lizbeth Lopez said.

Suffolk Police said they did a complete investigation and found no wrongdoing.