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Accident involving fire truck at accident-prone corner

May 21, 2013 8:36:16 PM PDT
A homeowner on Staten Island is ticked off about the number of accidents at his corner.

He demanded the city put up a stop sign.

He even put up a protest sign in his front yard to make the point.

And then, there was another big accident with a fire truck in his yard that took out his big sign.

"In the last six months, three accidents, all of which have landed on my lawn," said Ken Bach, a homeowner.

Ken Bach owns the home and the headache that comes with living at an intersection that seems to be a magnet for accidents.

He says there have been a total of five in the two and a half years he's lived there.

"Watched the whole thing happen," Bach said.

Tuesday afternoon a fire truck slammed into a car with a man and his daughter inside and both vehicles ended up, you guessed it, on Bach's lawn.

It buried the signs that are now part of a neighborhood mission to get the city Department of Transportation to take action.

The sign calls for stops signs or speed bumps to slow motorists down.

"Somebody's going to get killed out here. It seems like that's what's going to have to happen before we get a stop sign," said Priscilla Sullivan, a resident.

Westerly residents say they have petitioned the DOT about six times over the last decade, and still, this stretch of Fisk remains as treacherous as ever.

"We feel the DOT has to be a lot more responsive to the community," said Michael Morrell, a resident.

The DOT tells Eyewitness News that their data indicates there were no crashes at this intersection between 2007 and 201, nor have there been any fatalities in the last decade.

That means that the intersection doesn't qualify for any additional traffic controls.

Residents say they've heard it all before as they clean up after yet another accident.

"What's at stake the lives of our community and the health and safety of our families," Bach said.